Taika Waititi visits Hobbiton during his tour guide stay in New Zealand

Taika Waititi gave fans a video tour of Hobbiton, Glowworms and a ‘Lake of Death’ while vacationing in New Zealand.

The Maori filmmaker has given fans a glimpse of his own trip to some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations over the Anzac long weekend, with a series of hilarious social media posts.

“Here I am outside Bilbo Baggins’ real Hobbit hole,” Waititi said, in an Instagram video showing him walking around the film set of Middle-earth, The Lord of the Rings and Sir’s The Hobbit movie trilogies. Peter Jackson.

“So guys, this is actually a bit of history and very special,” said the Thor: Love and Thunder the director told his followers as he entered the subterranean abode that housed Bilbo Baggins’ Hobbit character.

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“Here’s all of Bilbo’s stuff…oh wow, this is where he lived and died,” he told his social media followers.

Waititi tagged his posts with the caption ‘dads on tour’ with his videos revealing him accompanying his two young daughters Matewa Kiritapu and Te Hinekāhu.

The trio also stopped at Hobbiton’s local tavern, The Green Dragon Inn, where Waititi claimed they were about to sit down for a hearty Hobbit breakfast at a table adorned with plates of bacon, scrambled eggs and fruit.

Waititi ended each post by asking his followers to hit the “Like” button, which turned into a running joke.

“Okay, make sure you push down, ’cause I haven’t seen you do that. Looks like you’re not taking this seriously,” he says in a clip.

Taika Waititi travels around New Zealand with her two daughters and visits well-known tourist sites (file photo).


Taika Waititi travels around New Zealand with her two daughters and visits well-known tourist sites (file photo).

The trio continued their adventures with a stop at another of New Zealand’s world famous attractions, the Waitomo Caves.

A video shows the group inspecting a large eel in a stream, with a guide explaining its migration habits.

Waititi and her children donned helmets fitted with searchlights to head into the cave to check for glowworms.

“Okay, so it was the glowworms. You missed it, but here we are coming out of the cave now,” Waititi said as the group walked back into the light of day. a fantastic experience.”

Waititi again asked her followers to like her post, with a caption reading, “Click like, you scumbags. It’s important that you like me.

Waititi’s adventures continue to unfold, with the Marvel director and his children heading further south to the volcanic Waimangu Valley, located just outside Rotorua.

There, the group set off on another trail around volcanic craters, various hot springs, and rare plants and birds.

“Welcome to another episode of Taika Does New Zealand,” he said.

“Here is a big beautiful hot water lake filled with boiling water that will kill you. Welcome to New Zealand. This is a terrifyingly beautiful lake.

“Be sure to hit that button if you like the idea of ​​me taking my kids to a lake of death.”

Waititi’s journeys come after fans last week got their first look at the new teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder.

The fourth film in the Thor series follows the events of Avengers: Endgame, starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor Odinson, who left earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy after the fall of Asgard.

Waititi also returns in the film, as rock gladiator Korg, alongside former MCU star Tessa Thompson’s character Valkyrie.