Women-only packages bring good returns for KSRTC

The special tourist trips for women undertaken by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Thamarassery depot as part of the International Women’s Day celebrations have generated good revenue for the agency. Operating 21 women-only trips, the depot managed to raise ₹7 lakh.

Officials said about 700 passengers were part of the tour program held at three popular ecotourism sites in the state. Trips were operated to Nelliyampathy, Wayanad and Munnar for about two weeks until Sunday, facilitating the last trip to Malakkappara, they said.

KSRTC officials who coordinated the organized trip said that it was the Thamarassery depot that recorded the highest collection in the state in organizing women-only trips. The response from travelers has been warm, and many had asked for more such trips, they said.

The majority of the passengers were middle-aged and elderly women. For many of them, this was their first experience of a package tour. The improvement of the COVID-19 situation has also encouraged many people to seize this opportunity.

Considering the magnitude of special trips, KSRTC is preparing to announce exclusive tour packages for families during the months of April and May. Discussions are in full swing to finalize itineraries under “Mission-1000” through which KSRTC hopes to schedule 1,000 such tourist trips in April and May in Kerala at affordable rates.

The Bond service will also be available during the period when various organizations and businesses can schedule special trips to their preferred locations. In the next phase, there will be interstate travel after reviewing passenger response.