UAE provides six travel services to Emiratis

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Emaouddin Khalil, Staff reporter

The UAE Digital Government provides six services to Emiratis abroad to facilitate communication between Emiratis and the government during crises and emergencies. These include Twajudi, travel health insurance (Musafer), emergency passport renewal in the United Arab Emirates, overseas passport services and other services.

In case of loss, theft, damage or expiration of the passport abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) can issue a “return document” or an emergency passport. Emiratis can register for Twajudi through the MoFAIC website or the UAEMOFA app for Android and iOS. In countries where there is no diplomatic representation, Emiratis can call 00971-80044444 or communicate with the ministry via its email [email protected]

Upon arrival in their destination country, citizens who have registered for the Twajudi service will receive an SMS to their registered phone numbers in the UAE. The SMS contains the phone numbers to contact in case of emergency. MoFAIC provides emergency medical travel insurance for Emiratis traveling abroad.

The name of the insurance product is Musafer and it is managed by the National Health Insurance Company-Daman. The program aims to protect Emiratis and their families from unforeseen expenses due to a medical emergency abroad. The program will cover emergency treatment for Emiratis at any international healthcare facility and it will cover inpatient and outpatient emergency medical services at a cost of Dhs 500,000 per capita per year.

Unlike other programs, which require the insured to pay the full cost for later disbursement, the program directly pays the full cost of medical treatment. Under the program, an annual insurance plan costs Dhs 399 for adults (19 and over) and Dhs 250 for children (18 and under). Coverage is for one year and applicable for multiple trips up to 90 days each.

The program also covers all emergency services, whether inside or outside the hospital, and the insured can communicate with a dedicated call center that operates 24/7. 7. For Emiratis traveling outside the UAE, MoFAIC provides addresses and location maps of UAE embassies and consulates abroad.

Other ministry guidelines and services include a search function that allows Emiratis to see whether or not they need an advance visa for their destinations. The ministry’s website also provides personalized information and services to Emiratis living abroad or who have traveled abroad for tourism, education or treatment.