Travel veteran launches unique tour operator – Travel Weekly

Travel industry veteran and former tour guide Kristina Wilson has started her own tour operator – Inverted Atlas.

Recognizing a gap in the market for unique and exciting ways to travel, Wilson launched his new venture at a time when international travel is experiencing a resurgence and people are looking for different ways to travel in a post-COVID world.

Inverted Atlas will not only travel to emerging destinations, but will also visit some of the world’s most popular destinations with a twist.

“Our tours don’t offer the Valley of the Kings or the Taj Mahal as standard, we visit the recently opened Tomb of Nefertari or give our travelers the chance to track snow leopards in the wilds of Mongolia,” said Wilson.

“At Inverted Atlas there is something for everyone – we offer budget, mid-range and luxury tours, as well as tours in the ‘special interest’ niche market which is the product that really sets us apart. of our competitors.

“There’s also our ‘Signature’ product, which we’re very proud of – these tours, in particular, follow themes or explore destinations that no other tour operator we know of has tackled before. We really take the road less travelled.

Specializing in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and India, as well as special interests, Inverted Atlas aims to take its travelers to places overlooked by regular tourists, to offer new experiences and to stay in accommodations ranging from the historic to the truly bizarre.

Inverted Atlas is also committed to supporting the destinations it visits, from hiring local guides and leaders, to visiting and contributing to local projects and charities, ensuring that travelers not not only live a unique experience, but also contribute in an ethical and sustainable way. journey.

This philosophy is also reflected in company practices, with a deliberate choice to offer competitive and inclusive salaries to staff and contractors, and an internal focus on personal development and round-table thinking.

The team all have the opportunity to develop and lead tours and come up with ideas, resulting in a collaborative environment that draws on the wealth of knowledge and practice of talented staff to create a better product and better response to customers.

With decades of experience between them and all with experience as former tour leaders, the Inverted Atlas team is in a unique position to identify and provide a missing point of difference from other touring products. .

Image: Kristina Wilson in India