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Traveling is always an invigorating factor in life which is crucial in warding off stress, anxiety and depression. Traveling helps you explore yourself, the world around you, and expand your horizons as a person. Of these trips, nature trips are the ultimate energy boosters as they impressively build strength and enthusiasm for life. Kerala, known as ‘God’s Country’ located in the south eastern part of India, is such a perfect place that basks in the lap of nature and is an excellent blend of serene and pristine landscapes. If done with the right planning, the Keralian experience can be made even more enjoyable and deserves its absolute magical treatment. In such a case, a Kerala based tour company can do it more gracefully. But it is still a herculean task to find the best travel agency that can give you the best travel experience possible. But no need to worry more as South India’s #1 inbound tour operator – “Travel Planners” is here for all your travel needs.

About Trip Planners

Travel Planners is an ISO 9001-2000 certified travel agency and specialist tour operator for South India. These are the leading South India specialists in tailor-made holidays in the state. Travel Planners was founded by strong visionary leader Mr. Anish Kumar. P. K in 1999 with the goal of providing the best possible travel experience for couples, families and groups. Travel Planners has a dedicated team with over 20 years of experience who ensure that every aspect of your trip is handled with dignity and professionalism. They have received numerous awards and accolades for their 23 years of uninterrupted service, including Kerala State Tourism Awards on December 26, 2016 for “Most Innovative Use of Information Technology”, National Tourism Award in the category ” Best Inbound Tour Operator in India” 2009-10 from Ministry of Tourism, Govt. from India, etc.

Top 11 Unique Destinations in Kerala Sorted by Trip Planners

Trip planners firmly believe that their attention to detail is what sets them apart and is the driving force behind a successful tour. They have arranged 11 unique destinations in Kerala which are must-sees for the Ultimate Kerala Experience. They also made a variety of packages including these beautiful places to meet different travel needs.

The destinations are:

A houseboat cruise along the tranquil backwaters of Kerala with delicious local cuisine will definitely be an unforgettable experience for tourists.

Kolukkumalai Trekking is the most adventurous trek in India, and it is a real treat for travel enthusiasts, trekkers and explorers. The place is located near Munnar. Monsoon season is the best time for this trek as it is more adventurous.

Aymanam village is located in Kottayam district. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of this place has also made it a venue for the dissemination of many famous literary works.


Padmanabha Swamy Temple is one of the most famous temples in Kerala, notable for its traditional style of architecture and vibrant history. It is also the most revered temple in the country.

The resort of Kovalam in southern India is one of the most popular resorts in the country. It is said that Kovalam means coconut grove and this village offers a view of many coconut trees worthy of its name.


Bamboo rafting on the Periyar River is a thrilling adventurous activity in Thekkady, the border town of Kerala, famous for its wildlife sanctuary and Periyar Lake.

Punnathoor Kotta is also known as Palace of the Elephants. The palace offers an exciting opportunity for visitors to feed, touch and bathe the elephants. This is a great place for all elephant lovers.

Theyyam is one of the most popular ritual arts in Kerala. It is performed in northern Malabar temples and is known as the “Dance of the Gods” or “Dance with God”.

The backwaters are a major attractive feature of Kerala. It is a network of lagoons and brackish lakes parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea (the Malabar Coast).


Kavvayi Island is a pristine place, with very few people around. The calm water makes it easy for beginners to start the sport and make their own kayaking trip. Kavvayi Island is surprisingly rich in birds and is a great place to spot a variety of birds and butterflies.

Wayanad treehouses are one of the most attractive and famous treehouses in Kerala. It is the ideal destination for nature lovers. These homes have a simple interior design with all modern conveniences to meet your comfort needs.