Tour packages gradually sell out as KNY approaches

As the Khmer New Year approaches, domestic tour packages are gradually exhausted as the Khmer New Year approaches.

This was said by Tourism Minister Thong Khon in an interview with local news on March 21.

The minister said domestic tour packages to tourist destinations in Cambodia are being prepared and gradually sold out ahead of the Khmer New Year. Some tourist accommodations also accept reservations.

“On the occasion of the upcoming National New Year, some tourist accommodation facilities, especially hotels, guesthouses and shops, are now open for reservations with special discounts, and some tourists are also gradually booking,” said Minister Khon.

The minister said that with the revival of visa on arrival, the private sector is expected to attract some international tourists as domestic packages to tourist destinations are gradually prepared and sold.

The capital and provincial administrations plan to attract tourists during the Khmer New Year and have organized events and put up decorations. The administrations have also reinforced the implementation of Covid-19 prevention measures.

Last weekend, the Ministry of Tourism registered 215,095 tourists, including 203,401 nationals and 11,964 international tourists.

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