Tour operator: Foreign tourists are unlikely to come to the RO seaside without charter flights

The lack of charter flights to Constanța’s Kogălniceanu Airport means foreign tourists are unlikely to reach the Romanian seaside this year, a leading local tour operator warns.

“What we are missing at the moment are charter flights from other destinations to Kogălniceanu airport,” said Aurelian Marin, owner of major Romanian tour operator Paradis Vacanțe de Vis, as quoted by “For someone to fly a plane to Romania – which is not known as a tourist destination – he takes enormous risks, 700,000 euros per year, for two weekly flights.”

He says the government should step in and help the airlines. “Bulgaria and other countries are providing this support,” Marin said.

Without charter flights, only around 40,000 foreign tourists are expected to reach the Romanian seaside this year, fewer than before the pandemic.

Marin also denounced the lack of long-term investment in the tourism industry in Romania. He gave the example of the Mamaia Nord region, where most investment has been made not by hotel companies, but by property developers looking to resell properties in the short term.

Investors from the tourism and real estate sectors have announced investments in the southern Romanian resorts of Neptun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Olimp worth 250 million euros. However, tour operators remain skeptical about whether or not the investments form part of a long-term strategy to grow tourism in the area or a local property bubble.

(Photo: Pixabay)

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