The tour operator now offers private jets as part of its service

A new approach to all-inclusive tours is coming to heaven. A new tour operator is launching private jets as part of its itinerary.

Private jets

RouteRunAir is a relatively new tour operator and is looking to make its mark by offering private jets as part of its tours. The company is launching its own private airline to take travelers on three different routes across the United States. Each jet seats up to 30 passengers and offers window seats with cup holders in the center aisle. Passengers can also use private terminals at each travel location. Currently, RoadRunAir has three jets, but plans to purchase more in the future as the business grows.

Package tours

Private jets are part of an all-inclusive tour package. Currently, RoadRunAir offers three routes:

  • Southern States: Focuses on Southern music and culture with stops in New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Lynchburg and Chattanooga
  • West Coast: Showcases the best of the West with stops in San Francisco, Napa Valley, Bryce and Zion Canyons, Sedona, Antelope Canyon and Las Vegas
  • Northeast: Focuses on famous locations like Niagara Falls, Hershey, Amish Country, and Washington DC

Tours start at $4,500. In addition to taking a private jet to each location, each tour package includes hotels, meals, excursions, transportation, guides, and gratuities. All itineraries depart from New York or Los Angeles and last 7-9 days. RoadRunAir plans to add more destinations including the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America.

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