Sustainable Suzie – The tour guide (and superhero) of responsible travel

Sustainable tourism isn’t a trend, it’s a must, with travelers from all backgrounds and generations – from baby boomers to Gen Z – embracing this style of travel. Enter Sustainable Suzie, comic book superhero for those who know responsible travel is the way of today and tomorrow.

As the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) celebrates its 50th anniversarye anniversary, it turns 50 and shines a light on how travel can benefit, not harm, our world. With that in mind, they launched the “Adventures of Suzie Enduring”, a one-of-a-kind comic whose star, Suzie Enduring, is a tour operator guide by day, a superhero by night, and is ready to fight good. fight for a more sustainable future for travel around the world.

And as you flip through the comic, you’ll learn that you can do your part to help Sustainable Suzie make the world more sustainable for generations to come. Remember that whenever you pack lighter, shop locally, choose reusable, and make other planet-conscious travel decisions, no matter how small, “you,” as the USTOA notes, “ help preserve precious places for future travellers”.

“While a comic book may seem unorthodox, Sustainable Suzie conveys the fundamental messages of responsible travel with humor, a much more digestible way of understanding problems, issues and solutions,” said Terry Dale, President and CEO of USTOA management.

Among the key responsibilities of sustainable tourism highlighted in the comic is the need to protect destinations’ natural resources and wildlife, and conserve cultural heritage while creating authentic experiences for tourists.

Tour operator guide Susan leads a small group of travelers to destinations at the forefront of sustainable tourism, including Tenerife. The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife has an annual temperature of 24°C, giving it a unique diversity of landscapes. It is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Teide National Park, whose laurel forest dates back to the Tertiary era. In terms of sustainability, half of the island is covered with 43 protected natural areas and it is the first Spanish island to achieve biosphere certification.

Boeing 787-8 in flight. (Photo: ⓒ United Airlines)

The onboard sustainability pioneer is also highlighted in the comic United Airlines, which recognizes its impact as an airline in its contribution to climate change. To mitigate this impact, the airline has set itself the goal of becoming 100% green by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by 2050. An example: it uses sustainable aviation fuel for Boeing 737 Max8. They also eliminate carbon emissions by investing in carbon capture and sequestration, and collaborate with other industries to pilot the next generation of decarbonization solutions.

Check USTOA tips for being a more responsible/sustainable travelerwhich include carpooling, walking, smart touring, opening your mind to new destinations and, of course, acting like a sustainability superhero by reducing your plastic use, recycling and, quite simply, walking with lightness and sensitivity.

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