STB showcases over 88 tour packages as part of Sia Sitok Sarawak campaign

The poster for the Sitok Sarawak 3.0 and Sia Sitok Sarawak Accommodation 2.0 campaigns.

KUCHING (28 February): The Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) today announced the launch of its Sia Sitok Sarawak (SSS) 3.0 and Sia Sitok Sarawak Accommodation (SSSA) 2.0 campaign.

The SSS 3.0 campaign is launched exclusively for Sarawakians and non-Sarawakians residing in Sarawak with a work permit and they will be able to enjoy more than 88 exciting packages for tours and activities across the state, including day trips. day and multi-day excursions.

The SSSA 2.0 campaign, meanwhile, will offer attractive stay packages at local hotels and resorts under the Sarawak chapter of the Malaysian Hotel Association.

The booking period for both offers starts from March 1 to April 30, while the travel period runs from March 1 to May 31.

According to STB Chief Executive Sharzede Salleh Askor, the campaigns were launched with the aim of boosting the local tourism industry during the pandemic as well as reviving the economy of the state.

“We are encouraged by this local brand and this campaign has grown from strength to strength – cementing our belief in our state’s culture, adventure, nature, food and festivals (or CANFF).

“With SSS 3.0 and SSSA 2.0, we have expanded the number of packages available, giving Sarawakians even more opportunities to experience the uniqueness of the state,” Sharzede said.

STB said ultimately they want Sarawakians to explore their own backyard and become tourism ambassadors for other travelers around the world.

“We urge Sarawakians to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and grab the limited SSS 3.0 and SSSA 2.0 offerings.

“There is no better way to travel than with friends and family and what better opportunity than to experience Sarawak’s beautiful culture, adventure and nature. Don’t miss this opportunity!”

Sharzede said STB is optimistic the campaigns will help achieve the state’s tourism goals for the year.

“(The year) 2022 is a chapter of resilience, resurgence and growth for the travel industry and STB will continue to focus on building and creating new ways of doing business beyond the pandemic. Covid-19,” she said.

Some of the enticing packages and activities up for grabs include the Kuching Sunset Night Bike Ride, which covers 85% of Kuching’s sights listed by The Lonely Planet.

Individuals can also explore the Bung Jagoi Heritage Centre, a former Bidayuh village established 175 years ago, or embark on the morning Irrawaddy Dolphin Cruise.

For those looking to explore central Sarawak, STB said travelers can either head to explore central coastal villages at Bruit, Daro and Matu; a three-day, two-night getaway to Bakun or visit Mukah, known as the heart of Melanau for three days and two nights.

For those looking to tick Mulu off their to-do list, they can explore the Unesco Heritage Site by signing up for a 4D/3N Mulu 4 Show Caving Tour or a 5D/4N Mulu/ Pinnacles to see the magnificent Mulu Pinnacle.

Alternatively, travelers can climb Mount Murud, relax with a round of golf at Eastwood Golf Club Miri, or experience the Lun Bawang heritage in Bario.

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