Sanctions against Russia: Tour operator G Adventures stops taking bookings from Russians : Travel Weekly

G Adventures severed all ties with Russia, establishing its own set of sanctions against the country following its invasion of Ukraine.

In addition to canceling all tours in Russia, G Adventures said he had stopped accepting bookings from Russian travel agencies and would not welcome Russian nationals residing in Russia as guests on his trips.

Tip of Bruce Poon

G Adventures founder Bruce Poon Tip condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“It is unthinkable that we are faced with a scenario where a sovereign European nation has been invaded, without provocation and without justified cause,” said Poon Tip. “I support Ukraine. I defend freedom and democracy.”

Poon Tip acknowledged that the Russian people who do not support the country’s invasion of Ukraine are unfairly affected by the Kremlin’s decisions and the consequences of those decisions.

“Unfortunately, these sanctions and the enforced global isolation will impact ordinary people who may not agree – and who may even be brave enough to protest – the politics of their country. However, these sanctions are essential to to put pressure on the whole country and to invoke change.”

G Adventures said that if a peaceful resolution is reached, the company will reconsider its ban from Russia.

Several companies have canceled tours and river cruises in Russia this year, and cruise lines are replacing stops in St. Petersburg, Russia.