Renowned tour operator appointed consul of Brazil

Antonio Augusto Martins Cesar, the resident ambassador, installed the new consul in office this weekend, noting that his consular jurisdiction covers the regions of Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Manyara on the one hand, as well as the regions of the area of ​​Simiyu and Mwanza lakes.

The well-connected tour operator expressed his feeling of being extremely honored to represent Brazil, the leading country in the world in terms of tourist attractions and with an expanding commercial reach around the world.

Representatives from the Brazilian Embassy and a cross section of the northern circuit travel industry fraternity attended the ceremony, where the consul also noted the government’s facilitation of this appointment, i.e. say through the good offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East Africa. Cooperation.

The department endorsed the appointment, recognizing her potential to hold this important and respectable position, she said, emphasizing the “pride and dedication”, she said, pledging to foster an understanding and deeper cooperation between the two countries, particularly in its area of ​​specialization, tourism.

She also expressed her motivation and passion for increasing trade and cultural cooperation between the peoples of Tanzania and Brazil, stressing that her appointment is linked to “the inspiration, motivation and advice of many people, friends and parents every step of the way”. ”

She cited Ambassador Antonio and his wife Daniela as a special mention for the trust shown in her, projecting expectations to help cement the good relations existing between Tanzania and the Brazilian Federation.