National Tour Guide License for Kris

I need help getting the Israeli tourist guide license!

A few years ago I had a spiritual experience during a week of mindfulness meditation. The message was clear: you ARE on your way and there are NO obstacles.

I have always known that teaching and guiding was my vocation.

I completed a bachelor’s degree in tourist guide and another in history teaching. I graduated as a Palestinian tour guide from Bethlehem Bible College. During the Covid pandemic, I started the Stories from Palestine podcast and in two years produced 90 episodes on the history, heritage and political reality in Palestine. These episodes had nearly 50,000 downloads. Many people have reached out to me to arrange trips, tours, and help plan itineraries after listening to the podcast!

I have toured Palestine extensively over the past decade. Not so much during the pandemic, but it’s picking up.

But I cannot officially work as a guide in all of historic Palestine without the Israeli license. Palestinian license is not accepted. Fines are high for those who work illegally.

I know that my vocation is to inform, educate, raise awareness and motivate people to act for change. For justice and equality that can lead to forgiveness and peace.

I want to be able to reach a wider audience. Visitors who come to explore but are unaware of reality.

Many Palestinian guides and travel agencies encourage me to take this license, because there are not many Dutch guides who do not tell the Zionist narrative.

So I felt strongly that I had to do it.

To get the license, I have to take a one-year course and pass an exam. The course includes lectures and about sixty excursions. The price is 7000 euros / dollar.

I do not have a lot of money. We can do something together but I will need support. This is why I chose to launch crowdfunding. I hope that with the help of family, friends and podcast listeners, I can follow this path.

Many small donations make a big difference!

And in the near future, next year in December, I will be able to be a licensed tourist guide in all of Palestine (and not just in the West Bank!) So I will be able to educate and motivate people, who were not yet aware of the reality of Palestinian life, stand up and talk!

If you donate up to 100 euros I will give a shout out to the Stories from Palestine podcast and if you want me to promote something for you that is not contrary to the spirit of the podcast I will be happy to advertise for you!

If you donate between 100 and 200 Euros, I’ll greet you and send (or give you) your very own special Stories from Palestine coffee mug!

If you donate more than 200, you can participate in a free day trip on your next visit to Palestine!

And if you are unable to support me financially but would like to help me complete this path, you can share the link to this fundraiser on social media and with your friends and family who may be interested ! Your moral support is as precious as a donation!

With love from Palestine