NASA releases ‘tour guide’ tips for upcoming Artemis I launch

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida. – Ahead of Monday’s Artemis I mission rocket launch, NASA has provided a list of “the ultimate personal tour guide” tips for those planning to watch the historic launch.

Artemis I is an uncrewed flight test that NASA will use to “get a feel” for what astronauts might experience in future spaceflights, NASA said. If successful, the agency said there would be two more crewed flights – one to orbit the moon and one to land on it.

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For those considering watching the momentous occasion, NASA has provided the following six suggestions:

  • Obtain your passport and view your boarding pass

NASA is offering viewers the opportunity to join a virtual guest list, which will allow them to receive a special Artemis I virtual guest passport and stamp after launch, including mission updates and interactive opportunities.

For each of the 3 million people who submitted their name to fly around the Moon, they can view their boarding pass online, with options to print or download the commemorative card.

Interested viewers can view images and content involving the Moon, as well as create their own. Photos and videos can be submitted to NASA via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit posts that include #NASAMoonSnap.

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Many of these “Moon Snaps” will be shared on NASA social media, the NASA website, and during the Artemis I launch broadcast.

NASA has included several space-themed reading materials on its website, including the children’s book “You Are Going” and a webcomic Moonikin. Viewers can also browse the objects NASA astronauts and photographers would take with them into space.

The agency also included a “Moon Tunes” playlist on Spotify, which was compiled by Third Rock Radio and over a million votes worldwide. A curated Artemis podcast playlist is also available on Soundcloud.

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  • Discover your accommodations

Commander Moonikin Campos is an anatomically correct dummy aboard Artemis I that will give NASA scientists a better idea of ​​how to keep astronauts safe during space travel. The agency published Campos’ “story” on its website in the form of a webcomic, which can be read here.

Three wall posters, featuring art from the Artemis I launch, the Orion spacecraft used in the mission, and the Moon, can also be viewed and downloaded from the NASA website.

A flight map has been posted on the NASA website to show the trajectory of the Orion spacecraft as it travels to and from the Moon. Those interested can visit the NASA website to learn more about the accredited course and the Artemis I Moon mission.

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NASA provided a Snapchat AR filter that people can use to see how the launch would appear from the mission control room at Kennedy Space Center.

The spaceflight of the Artemis I mission can also be tracked by tracking telemetry updates to check exactly where Orion is at each point of its 4-6 week journey.

Additionally, NASA will provide updates regarding the Artemis I mission via its @NASAArtemis social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A newsletter is also available for those who want the latest updates.

The launch of Artemis I is scheduled for Monday, August 29 at 8:33 a.m. at Kennedy Space Center. The countdown must start 46 hours and 40 minutes before the scheduled launch time.

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For a full launch schedule, click here.

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