Name your favorite eco-friendly tour operator in Spain now

With over a third of its land protected, vast national parks to explore and environmentally conscious cities, it’s easy to travel responsibly across Spain. These tour operators all go above and beyond to ensure that their trips to Spain are as sustainable as possible. That’s why we’ve created this special award in partnership with Turespaña to celebrate organizations that provide the greenest ways to explore this incredible country. But there can only be one winner, so who will get your vote?

intrepid journey

Intrepid Travel is an experience-rich, sustainable travel agency whose mission is to create positive change through the joy of travel. In 2018, the carbon-neutral company became the world’s largest travel agency to be B-Corp certified. Intrepid is the only global tour operator with scientifically verified targets to reduce carbon emissions and limit global warming to 1.5°C over the next decade. They are committed to measuring, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions while traveling and in their offices around the world. Intrepid is also the global leader in responsible travel and invests in local communities, human rights initiatives, wildlife conservation projects and the environment. They employ local staff and leaders, source local suppliers whenever possible, and actively work to empower communities and women around the world to ensure sustainable growth.


Travel has an incredible ability to bring people from all walks of life together and allows us to learn from each other, developing appreciation and understanding of our cultural differences, similarities and traditions. Sunvil’s Spanish program is designed to introduce travelers to lesser-known destinations (Subbetica, Extremadura and Castilla Y Leon to name a few), with a primary focus on local accommodations and entrepreneurs offering experiences immersive and gastronomic. Through its carefully designed holidays, Sunvil ensures that money stays in the local economy and leads the promotion of cultural events and activities – instilling local pride. Sunvil wants its guests to return enriched from their stay in Spain, with a greater knowledge of the country and a passion for the places and people they have met. In order to play its small role in reducing carbon emissions, Sunvil now offers routes to Spain by train.


Explore has been providing authentic small-group travel experiences around the world for over 40 years. Explore has immersive and sustainable travel in its DNA, as a founding signatory of the Glasgow Declaration and with one of the industry’s leading climate action plans. Reducing carbon emissions is just one part of Explore’s sustainability strategy and commitment to sustainable tourism. Earlier this year, Explore completed the industry’s largest carbon measurement project to date and is now working to reduce carbon emissions from its circuits by 50% by 2030, while mitigating and regenerating with Cool Earth and Rewilding Britain.


Contiki is part of The Travel Corporation (TTC), a family-owned group of 40 award-winning brands, also including Trafalgar, Insight Vacations and Evan Evans, demonstrating its commitment to integrating sustainability into operations spanning 70 countries. Launching its “How We Tread Right” sustainability strategy in 2020, 2021 saw Contiki make progress against its 11 SMART sustainability goals. The company has set science-based targets for reducing carbon emissions, increased its use of local and organic suppliers, expanded its MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® program and educated its employees about climate and sustainability. Contiki’s program in Spain includes a MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® experience, where travelers have the opportunity to support Mescladis through a hands-on cooking class. Mescladis is the face of a non-profit organization that uses food and drink as a way to foster social cohesion in the city. The breadth and depth with which the contiki teams have dedicated themselves to implementing this strategy, despite the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, greatly deserves this award.


Sustainability is a commitment that has been at the heart of Inntravel since the very beginning. Whether it’s taking the train to your holiday, using a local bus, buying your picnic from the fresh produce on offer at a village market or simply staying in one of the small family-run guesthouses along your itinerary, there are so many ways a holiday with Inntravel fits within the principles of Sustainable Tourism. On its low-carbon walking and cycling holiday, you’ll visit truly unspoilt regions across Spain, where low-impact tourism plays a vital role in sustaining the rural economy. Because of Inntravel’s vacation opportunities, a number of the suppliers it works with have an added incentive to stay in their area.

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exodus journeys

Exodus Travels aims to improve lives through travel by creating low impact travel that gives back to local communities. In the Picos De Europa, their trip stays at a local hotel that uses renewable energy, as well as shampoo dispensers, which reduces single-use plastics. Groups visit local villages for lunch and are encouraged to refill their reusable water bottles from natural springs along the way. In the Sierra De Aitana chain, travelers stay at 4e family generation, El Trestellador. Preparing mountain dishes from the freshest local ingredients, the family also produces its own olive oil each year from the nearby valleys.

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Audley Tourist attractions

Sustainable travel has always been part of Audley’s DNA. It strives to provide its customers with authentic travel experiences by working closely with local suppliers ensuring that it is respectful of the local communities and the environment of the destinations in which it operates. Audley Travel believes that carefully curated, tailor-made trips can create local jobs and support conservation. projects while providing customers with a rewarding experience.

In 2020, Audley Travel achieved Travelife Partner status by meeting 100 criteria related to its office management, product range, business partners and customer information to demonstrate that it operates sustainably and is committed to improving.

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Pure Adventure

Pura Aventura is an Anglo-Spanish company. For 22 years, it has been sharing the great Spanish spaces over the long term. One of the first travel companies in the UK to successfully achieve B Corp certification, its Travel Positive™ initiative measures its vacation in three key areas: thriving communities, beautiful nature and a thriving planet.

Pura Aventura works directly with local businesses across Spain to support strong local economies that are better able to value and protect the natural beauty that attracts its customers in the first place. The company also measures the carbon of your holiday travel to invest in growth trees over a 10-year cycle, enough to absorb up to twice the carbon emitted. A thriving planet of thriving communities and rich nature is his vision.

Pura Aventura’s ambition is to lead the way by creating a model that allows us all to enjoy traveling to Spain, in a sustainable way. The company knows there is still a long way to go and its journey has only just begun.

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G Adventures

With over 30 years of experience leading the sustainable tourism industry, G Adventures was founded on the belief that travel can change lives, both for road travelers and the local communities in the destination. they visit. A pioneer in community tourism, G Adventures supports over 100 community tourism projects around the world, providing jobs and empowerment to local people in some of the world’s poorest destinations. Through thoughtful supply chain management and local contracts where possible, their industry-first Ripple Score shows that, on average, the adventure operator leaves 93% of the money spent destined for a locally owned business.