Mint Julep Helicopter Tour Packages to Jack Daniel’s and Maker’s Mark – Robb Report

Visiting a whiskey distillery is fun, but have you ever thought how much more fun it would be to get dropped off by a helicopter? Magnum IP style and bring back a barrel of whiskey at the end of your visit? If so, travel agency Mint Julep has you covered with a pair of pricey luxury packages that look like a pretty good time.

The first Mint Julep experience is called “Roll Out the Barrel” at Jack Daniel’s, a multi-day trip where you can explore Nashville and visit the Lynchburg Distillery. You will be picked up from the airport and provided with black car service for a total of 12 hours during your two-night stay at the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville. When you’re ready to head to the distillery, traffic won’t be a problem as a chartered helicopter will whisk you there in a snap. During your visit, you can enjoy a tour of the production process from distillation to maturation and participate in a tasting of Jack Daniel’s. The icing on this whiskey cake is a private cask selection. After you have made your choice, the distillery will bottle the whiskey for you (yield is usually around 200 bottles) with personalized labels, personalized bronze medallions, a crystal decanter and a barrel head with your name on it to commemorate experience. And finally, you will have a classic Southern cuisine lunch at the famous Miss Mary Bobo’s restaurant next to the distillery. There’s an add-on to consider – you can order custom boots from Lucchese Bootmaker worth up to $2,500. The price for this high roller tour is $38,000 for a total of four people.

Helicopter to the distilleries

Mint Julep

If Kentucky bourbon is more your style than Tennessee whiskey, a similar tour is available at Maker’s Mark Distillery outside of Louisville in rural Loretto, KY. For this tour, you can stay in Louisville or Nashville at the Omni. Either way, a helicopter will take you to Maker’s Mark Distillery for a full tour, tasting and, of course, a private cask selection. You can either collect these bottles in person or ship them to a retailer for you to collect in your home country. Your distillery tour will conclude with a farm-to-table meal from Star Hill Farm at the Innovation Garden before getting some fresh air and returning to your hotel. Pricing is a bit higher for this experience, at $42,000 for four people.

Mint Julep recommends booking these tours up to three months in advance to secure a date, and weekends are harder to schedule (and no Sunday tours). But if you manage to snag a spot before the holidays this year, you won’t need to buy presents with all that whiskey you bring home.