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With the June close much warmer than at the start, residents of Campbell River might consider getting out on the water and exploring the spectacular waters of the Discovery Islands.

And one of the best ways to get there is to visit the Campbell River Museum and Discovery Marine Safaris.

Discovery Marine Safaris has partnered with the Campbell River Museum for 14 years to bring the history of the Campbell River area and the Discovery Islands to life with their ‘History on the Water’ boat tours. The 2021 tour schedule is in place. The first tour started on June 6 and will run every Sunday with the last tour on August 29. Contact the Campbell River Museum directly at 250-287-3103 for more information or visit their website.

Campbell River is a popular tourist destination offering a variety of exciting outdoor activities such as whale and grizzly bear watching tours. The abundance of marine and other wildlife nearby makes it very attractive not only to international enthusiasts but also to local wildlife enthusiasts.

Discovery Marine Safaris was founded in 2006 by choosing Campbell River as a permanent location for their fun, educational, ethical, safe and professional whale watching safaris and grizzly bear watching expeditions – which they have done in partnership with Homalco Wildlife Tours since 2007 on their grizzly. tours. These grizzly bear tours helped put the “bears of Bute” on the world map.

Discovery Marine Safaris launched its boat in early June after an 18-month layoff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They realized they had to get back up and running even though they still won’t have the international traveler due to Canada’s entry restrictions. Therefore, they focus on the “local” or provincial traveler.

Without the volume of international visitors for a second season, which accounts for approximately 75% of their business, Discovery Marine Safaris recognizes that sharing a limited number of guests among more than seven Campbell River tour operators will be another difficult challenge as it leaves every operator in town with a tiny slice of the market pie.

“We had to come up with something a little different that also helps other businesses and most importantly is valuable and fun for our people to recover from this trying pandemic. It wouldn’t be the first time that changes being imposed on us led to something really good,” says founding owner Heike Garton. “And finally, we can operate from our new location in the Georgia Quay building, which is a great location for our visitors with a variety of restaurants and shops nearby. AND we can finally be part of the enviable app of the Campbell River Collections of Campbell River which was launched last year even though tourism didn’t really exist.

This app helps visitors get oriented and makes their experience fun and rewarding.

“In order to prepare the business for reopening, launch our boat and prepare it for the mandatory Transport Canada inspection, all of this helps the community, as we again spent money on supplies, parts and Services. Hopefully our new and existing products will inspire Islanders to come visit and enjoy all that Campbell River has to offer,” adds co-owner Captain Wayne Garton.

While developing new products for the month of June, the Discovery Marine Safaris team was aware of the importance of having something for everyone: yoga enthusiasts (“Samadhi on the sea”), families (hunting treasure), couples (for an overnight package with dinner, bed and breakfast and marine wildlife tour) and as soon as we reunite with family/staff or friends, a personalized charter for groups of more than 12 people or even small weddings.

The story on water boat tours began with a tour of Sonora Island hosted by the Museum at Campbell River Promotions and Membership Coordinator Erika Anderson. Anderson shared her in-depth knowledge of the history of islands and waterways in the Campbell River backyard — or more accurately, it’s front yard.

Each historic boat tour is led by a museum guide who provides insight into the area’s colorful history. Some include stops for lunch or dinner.

Visit the Discovery Marine Safaris website for more information:

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