Julia O’Rourke supports tour guide program during Fahey furlough – The Bowdoin Orient

alex spear
GUIDE US ALONG THE PATH OF MEMORY: Justin Fahey, whose last day is today, enthusiastically greets the camera. He reflects on his time as Associate Dean of Admissions and Head of the Tour Guide Program.

Associate Dean of Admissions Justin Fahey will leave the tour guide program this week, concluding five years of work at the College. About two years of her time have been spent leading the program, a role that Assistant Dean of Admissions Julia O’Rourke ’19 will take on with enthusiasm.

Although O’Rourke had not formally run a tour guide program before, she led tours and held interviews while in Bowdoin. She looks forward to mentoring students and working closely with the College community. Prior to working at Bowdoin, O’Rourke worked as a college counselor for the College Advisory Corps in Boston’s public school system and as a Fulbright English teaching assistant in South Korea.

“In my previous jobs, I spent the vast majority of my days engaging with students and getting to know them throughout the year,” O’Rourke wrote in an email to the Orient. “I loved that aspect of those jobs. So I’m thrilled to also have the chance to make meaningful connections with Bowdoin students.

Fahey found that her experience leading the tour guide program provided her with a similar insight into the Bowdoin community. He noted that positive feedback from prospective students and family members was the highlight of his involvement.

“Since arriving at Bowdoin in 2017, I have been struck by the deep sense of compassion, kindness and warmth of the student body. It is only when taking on the tour guide program that I ‘ve really started to hear the wealth of stories and anecdotes that tour guides bring to their respective tours,” Fahey wrote in an email to the Orient. “In this way, my knowledge and familiarity with this place have become so much deeper and more solid.”

Fahey added that her time leading the tour guide program has heightened her admiration for the passion Bowdoin students have for their community and the effort invested not only in their academics, but in the greater good.

Fahey will take this idea with him to his new job at Bates College.

“While I will certainly miss working with the Bowdoin community and, in particular, the students and tour guides of Bowdoin, I am excited about a new chapter in my professional career. Indeed, I am thrilled to soon be a full member of CBB (as an alumnus of Colby, having worked at Bowdoin for five years and now starting a job at Bates),” Fahey wrote.

O’Rourke looks forward to developing his skills in short- and long-term student outreach. Last year, she led the Student Admissions Volunteer Organization where she honed her organizational skills and made new connections with Bowdoin students.

“With such a large and outward-looking program, we are making daily adjustments while brainstorming broader, high-level ideas on how best to share the Bowdoin experience, how to make our tours more accessible, and more so,” O’Rourke wrote.

Fahey is confident O’Rourke will have no difficulty transitioning into her role as head of the tour guide program at Bowdoin.

“As you probably know, [O’Rourke] is a Bowdoin alumnus and an incredibly talented professional, runner and academic. But, more importantly, she’s just a really tough, kind person. The tour guide team couldn’t be in better hands,” Fahey wrote.