Irish tour operator cancels all trips to Russia in protest over ‘murder and mayhem’ unleashed in Ukraine

Dublin’s oldest tour operator in Russia, John Galligan Tours, has joined the Russian boycott by canceling all tours to the country.

he decision was taken in protest because of “the murder and chaos that the Russian government has unleashed on the innocent people of Ukraine”, John Galligan said in a statement this afternoon.

Mr Galligan said his company had offered weekly departures to Russia since the 1980s, but said the crisis between Russia and Ukraine could no longer be ignored.

Earlier this week, the company informed its Russian suppliers that all tours planned for the foreseeable future had been cancelled.

“Over the years, we have come to know and have great esteem for the Russian people. It is unfortunate that this decision had to be made since we have a long history with Russia. Since the beginning of our tours, we have managed to separate our travel agency from politics, but we believe that this invasion cannot be ignored,” said Mr Galligan.

He acknowledged his decision alone shouldn’t confuse Vladimir Putin or the Russian government, but he said if everyone made similar small decisions it would make a difference.

“We know that the Russian government will not mind in the least the cancellation by JGT of its Irish program, however, we feel compelled to register our protest against the murder and mayhem that the Russian government has unleashed against the innocent people of Ukraine,” he said.

“Our protest may be small and insignificant, but if everyone around the world makes similar small gestures, Russia will definitely start to feel the pinch.”

Companies around the world have turned their backs on Russia, including Apple, Maersk, Visa, Mastercard, Nike, Boeing and many more.

The Moscow Stock Exchange did not open this week as sanctions begin to cripple the Russian economy, with the ruble having lost nearly a third of its value in the past two weeks.

The business world has ostracized Russia and many companies attached to its state and its wealthy oligarchs.