Holiday Factory Launches Georgia’s First Package Tour Operator

Dubai – Holiday Factory, the leading package tour operator in the United Arab Emirates, is embarking on an exciting new journey by starting an outbound travel business from Georgia to the United Arab Emirates.

During the press conference held today in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, in the presence of an astonishing number of media, the management of Holiday Factory presented its all-inclusive vacation packages to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Starting today, Holiday Factory Georgia is offering Georgian residents an exciting luxury vacation in the UAE at very affordable rates. The special introductory offer for the first 1,000 passengers traveling from Tbilisi to Dubai has been announced at an unbeatable price of 599 Gel (220 USD), including return flights, hotel accommodation, airport transfers , tourist guide and travel insurance. The 5* deluxe package for the same offer only costs 370 USD.

In 2015, when Georgia was not yet known in the Middle East market as a tourist destination, Holiday Factory started promoting it to our residents. As a result, Georgia is now one of the top three vacation destinations for people coming from the United Arab Emirates. No other tour operator brings more passengers to Georgia than Holiday Factory.

Therefore, in 2019, the company won the prestigious travel award from the Georgian Ministry of Tourism, “Best incoming tour operator”.

It made sense that the next step would be to establish the outbound business in Georgia to help boost the UAE’s tourism industry by attracting more tourists.

Holiday Factory Georgia has set new standards in the travel industry with its unbeatable service and prices. Many more residents of Georgia will now have the chance to experience the United Arab Emirates as the fantastical and breathtaking luxury vacation destination that it truly is.


Mika Uhrincova
[email protected]