Grand Canyon tour guide sues American Airlines after he was identified as a thief and had to spend 17 days in a New Mexico jail in 2021

Arizona native Michael Lowe sues American Airlines after being wrongly identified for theft and having to spend 17 days in a New Mexico prison. It sounds like a long and confusing story, but it’s a heavy and costly case of wrongful imprisonment and mistaken identity.

Grand Canyon tour guide sues American Airlines after he was identified as a THIEF and had to spend 17 DAYS in a New Mexico jail in 2021

We have to do a quick throwback to May 2020 when Michael Lowe was traveling from Flagstaff, Arizona to Reno, Nevada. His layover was at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. There was a break-in at a store at DFW airport and surveillance footage was used to track down the thief.

If we discovered anything by seeing surveillance footage in some of the stories covered here, the footage doesn’t have the best quality. Of course, we can see exactly what the person being filmed is doing, but as far as identifying characteristics, you’d do a better job holding a piece of grease-coated cling film in front of someone’s face and saying “He’s the guy.”

Airport police used the footage and found the thief had boarded the same flight as Lowe: 2248. American Airlines was asked to provide a manifest but only gave police Michael Lowe’s name . How it was accepted by the police when they asked manifest is unknown and this is a question Lowe wants to answer as a warrant has been issued in his name.

So where did the New Mexico prison come from? In 2021, Lowe was heading to New Mexico for Independence Day festivities. There was unrest in the neighborhood and the police were checking IDs. When they ran Lowe’s name, the warrant came out and he was arrested.

Lowe, a Grand Canyon tour guide, said not only did he miss work because he was in jail for more than two weeks, but the experience was also horrible. He was locked up in a jail in Tucumcari, New Mexico, where he said it was crowded and he had to sleep on a floor that reeked of “urine and feces”.

From what he remembers, he waited eight days to see the judge, didn’t get a lawyer to get out of it, and was simply released nine days later, confused and short of the thousands of dollars he had. missed because he was not working. Michael Lowe should clear his own name by calling the DFW airport detective and explaining the situation. After his photo was compared to the person in the surveillance footage, it was ruled that he was not the guy.

Even though his name is cleared, he was still imprisoned due to negligence and is continuing his trial. Lowe’s lawsuit states that American Airlines failed to take care of him by not doing what the police asked:

“American breached its duty of care to Mr. Lowe by failing to comply with the search warrant and instead providing only Mr. Lowe’s information to law enforcement. American Airlines should have provided its entire flight manifest as ordered by the warrant or a list of everyone matching a certain description.

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