GoZayaan doubles its international travel services

GoZayaan brings convenience to travelers by regularly introducing exciting new services. From an excellent inventory of hotels, flight booking solutions, travel insurance and baggage insurance, GoZayaan constantly introduced new innovations. The company says it aims to bring together all the components of international travel – flights, hotels, tours – under one platform.

If you are a regular traveler, you are well aware of all the challenges that travelers like you face when it comes to traveling abroad from Bangladesh. Travelers regularly complain publicly online about many of these challenges. For others, it’s so frustrating that even complaining isn’t worth it.

It’s bad for morale to number your own issues, but it helps to develop understanding and awareness. So, for the sake of the common good, here are some of the challenges that travelers face when booking international travel services from Bangladesh.

Local offline providers don’t offer enough options for hotels or international flights, making informed decisions is a challenge. It’s often like a blind date. You choose something and want the best. Little to no option to see pictures of rooms when it comes to hotel reservations or to learn about specific amenities before heading to the premises. Similarly, the ability to compare multiple flight prices is limited in the offline-dominated scene in Bangladesh.

Most people cannot access the services of foreign online platforms which offer large inventories of international hotels for various reasons such as payment methods limited to foreign credit cards or credit cards endorsed in dollars. Today, a large majority of Bangladeshis do not have international credit/debit cards, which limits their ability to pay for these services.

Today, many of these foreign websites also offer a “pay at establishment” option, which means you can pay once you arrive at the hotel. But this requires carrying and shouldering a large amount of additional foreign currency during the trip. Soaring exchange rates are a big downside in this regard. And you might not want to carry that amount of foreign currency anyway. An option that can make this whole saga super simple for most Bangladeshis allows them to pay in local currency. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use local currency or pay by local methods on these international websites.

To avoid many of these challenges, many travelers choose to take package tours.. But organized tours have their own limitations. For one thing, package tours often put people’s vacations in fixed boxes with little freedom. You can do this but not that. You can go to those places but not those places. The majority of these packages are not customizable. Often you compromise and go reluctantly because there aren’t many options left. Anyway, life is made of bad compromises, you can console yourself.

Step into the ambition of GoZayaan’s international travel services

GoZayaan, the Dhaka-based travel tech company, has been an unusual player in this space since its birth. Instead of looking for cool ideas, the company has a knack for solving the real challenges travelers face. Paying close attention to the long list of solutions introduced by the company over the past three years proves that the company really takes the challenges of travelers to heart.

Throughout the pandemic, GoZayaan has introduced several services to enable local travel in Bangladesh. As we enter a post-pandemic world and international travel is making a comeback, GoZayaan focused on the challenges travelers face when it comes to international travel from Bangladesh.

We’ve discussed some of the major pains in the ass of international travelers above. Let’s see how GoZayaan has designed solutions to solve these challenges.

Let’s start with the last challenge we mentioned – inflexible tourist packages. GoZayaan has since turned tour packages upside down. The company offers fully customizable online packages to provide freedom to travelers. Design your own travel plans. Choose the destinations you want to visit. The foods you want to eat. Adventures you want to take. And just ask GoZayaan to make it happen.

To provide the ultimate freedom to book any hotel, GoZayaan has created an inventory of nearly 700,000 hotels– the largest of all Bangladeshi travel platforms. You can book according to all your preferences: price, amenities, location or any other priority. Detailed information, photos and location data are provided on each hotel to help with your decision. GoZayaan’s platform also allows users to customize their search based on star rating and price. The icing on the cake, the ratings of other users are visible to determine the quality of the hotel.

For flights, GoZayaan offers comprehensive international flight solutions. You can browse many flight options, compare prices and choose the best one. The process is completely transparent and puts the control in the hands of the traveler.

Now that you have chosen the hotel and flights, how do you make payment? GoZayaan has made it possible to pay by any local payment method – Credit Card, Debit Card, Bkash, Nagad, Upay, Tap, etc. No worries about dollar endorsements or foreign credit cards.

The entire process is automated and does not require travelers to make calls or speak to a representative to confirm reservations. Instant confirmation is provided with a voucher for the reservation.

Most importantly, travelers can enjoy 0% EMI for up to 6 months for flights, hotels and tours. GoZayaan is the only online travel platform in Bangladesh currently offering the 0% EMI service for flights. We’ve also covered GoZayaan’s unique EMI setups before here. It lets you travel without putting extra pressure on your monthly paycheck. You can split your expenses and pay in monthly installments.

GoZayaan ventures into territory that was mostly overlooked before. Previously, people relied on international websites for international travel services. GoZayaan says it is changing consumer behavior and pushing travelers to book these services through local websites. The company says it aims to bring together all the components of international travel – flights, hotels, tours – under one platform.

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Apart from improving existing travel services, GoZayaan has integrated many local and international suppliers to bring value-added services to its customers. Let’s take a look at several of these services

Travel loan: Online travel loans can be used up to BDT 200,000. We have already written about the GoZayaan travel loan here. It’s one of the most exciting service innovations in travel in recent times.

Travel insurance: In the time of COVID, GoZayaan launched the travel insurance service which could be availed for as little as 10 BDT. This included coverage up to BDT 100,000 and confirmed appropriate medical care in the event a traveler contracts COVID during their stay.

Baggage insurance: In partnership with BlueRibbon Bags, GoZayaan has become the first company in Bangladesh to provide luggage protection. There is no need to worry about lost luggage anymore, because just 300 BDT of reward when buying tickets can lead to a gain of up to 30,000 BDT in case of lost luggage.


GoZayaan was founded in 2017 with the ambition to empower travelers. Thanks to a combination of innovation and service, the company has experienced excellent growth. But he does not want to rest on his success.

GoZayaan says it aims to provide an end-to-end automated holistic travel booking experience. Whether one prefers a relaxing beach vacation or daring adventure, travel is for everyone and travelers deserve the freedom to explore any landscape they dream of. GoZayaan says it’s here to empower travelers to fulfill their dreams without limits.