Evolution of the travel services balance: January 2022

24/03/2022 – Press releases

– The balance of travel services generated a surplus of €60.8 million in January 2022.

Travel receipts increased by 309.8% in January 2022.

Flow of incoming travelers increased by 256.7% in January 2022.

Travel services balance

Based on provisional data, the balance of travel services in January 2022 posted a surplus of €60.8 million, compared to a surplus of €1.7 million in January 2021. Specifically, travel receipts increased by 309.8% to €140.1 million euros in January 2022, compared to €34.2 million in January 2021, while travel payments also increased by 143.8% (January 2022: €79.3 million, January 2021: €32.5 million) . The increase in travel revenue is due to a 256.7% increase in inbound traveler flows as well as a 14.5% increase in average spend per trip. Net receipts from travel services offset 2.0% of the goods deficit and contributed 15.8% to total net receipts from services.

Travel receipts

In January 2022, as mentioned earlier, travel revenue grew 309.8% year-on-year. Specifically, receipts from residents of EU27 countries increased by 270.6% to €80.1 million, while receipts from outside the EU27 increased by €373.5 % (January 2022: €59.4 million, January 2021: €12.6 million). The increase in receipts from within the EU27 is due to the increase in receipts from euro area residents by 295.1% to €62.6 million (January 2021: €15.8 million). euros) and receipts from residents of non-euro area EU27 countries by 203.3% to 62.6 million euros. 17.5 million. Specifically, among the top eurozone source countries, receipts from Germany increased by 227.7% to €21.4 million and receipts from France increased by 486.9 % to 5.4 million euros. In non-EU27 countries, UK receipts increased by 524.8% to €16.4 million and US receipts increased by 3,768.9% to €7.0 million euros. Receipts from Russia also increased by 1,085.7% to 0.9% M€.

Flow of incoming travelers

The number of inbound travelers in January 2022 increased by 256.7% year-on-year to reach 341.4 thousand. Specifically, passenger flows through airports increased by 352.3% compared to January 2021 and passenger flows through road border crossing points increased by 182.9%. This overall increase is due to an increase in flows of travelers from both the EU27 (up 219.6%) and outside the EU27 (up 324.4%). Specifically, the number of travelers from within the euro area increased by 270.2% to 148,900, while travelers from non-euro area EU27 countries increased by 125.2% to 48,600. In particular, the number of travelers from Germany increased by 183.5% to 54,200 and travelers from France increased by 424.8% to 15,800. With regard to non-EU27 countries, the number of travelers from the United Kingdom increased by 483.9% to 33,400, while the number of travelers from the United States increased by 1,379.6% to 10,800 and from Russia 579.3% to 2,200.

To note:

Inbound passenger flows exclude cruise passengers other than those recorded in the border survey.

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