Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited Wins Travelers Award Best Outbound Tour Operator for 2021

Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited was one of the Nigerian Tourism Operators which was recently celebrated by the Travelers Awards at the Abuja Jabamah 2022 event where it was awarded Best Tour Operator (Outbound) in Nigeria for the year 2012 .

The organizers of the Travelers Awards, led by Ikechi Uko, have hailed the tour operator co-managed by one of the most famous and successful travel business couples, David Lamidi and Wonuola Olatunde–Lamidi, as one of the tours to the most coherent stranger. operators in 2021 despite the handicap imposed on the sector by COVID-19. ”Last year 2021 was a year of slow growth for tourism in Nigeria. With the downturn in international travel, Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited has stood out to promote and bring to life outbound tourism in Nigeria,” he said, adding that: “It gives us great pleasure to inform you that your valiant efforts have not gone unnoticed and you have been recognized as the Best (Outbound) Tour Operator in Nigeria for the year 2021.”

Reacting to this development, Ms. Wonuola Olatunde-Lamidi, expressed her joy at the recognition, noting that: “The award shows that your work and efforts are recognized. It is something of honor and great achievement. ”As a company, we are extremely grateful and delighted with this award given to us by, the editors of Travelers Magazine, during the just-concluded Abuja Jabamah 2022 tourism event. Looking back, she revealed that the past two years have been the toughest time in the tourism industry. ”The last two years in the travel and hospitality industry have been very difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Destinations were closed, people stopped traveling and the travel and tourism industry was on the verge of collapse,’ she recalled. She further recalled that, “It was difficult to run a business or even pay salaries. As a brand we decided we wanted to change the narrative during lockdown and we continued to educate people on where they can visit once travel resumes, we promoted new destinations open to tourists.

”We participated in Instagram live sessions on our @dandptravels page and TV and Radionuclides interviews as well. We introduced new destinations in the Nigerian market like Egypt and Jordan and increased the number of destinations still open to tourism like Maldives, Seychelles, Mombasa, Turkey and Zanzibar, Morocco and others.

”We have also promoted local tourism and organized day trips and stays at hotels like Epe Resort, Federal Palace Hotel and Casino and Eko Hotels and Suites. ”We realized that Nigerians needed a getaway, so we created travel products based on open destinations to what was available. ”We are happy to see that our efforts have not gone unnoticed and we have been able to add value to the travel industry in Africa especially because we have promoted many African destinations under our; Initiative “Seeing Africa through Africans”.”

For Olatunde-Lamidi, who is no stranger to awards as her business and she and husband have won a string of accolades and awards over the years, said the new award would undoubtedly propel the business forward. and themselves to greater heights as they would continue to do whatever is necessary to promote destinations around the world. As she said, “This award and all the other awards we have received mean so much to us. First, it shows that people are watching us and that everything we do never goes unnoticed. ”Second, it’s a call for us that we should do more and never feel comfortable where we are, it pushes us to push more ground and push the boundaries.

Third, it ignites the fire in us to open up more destinations to the Nigerian travel market and help the Nigerian traveler discover more destinations. ”Four, our customers and potential customers will expect more from us as a multi-award-winning company. This means that we must constantly improve our customer service, our product offerings, create more unique travel products and experiences. People expect a lot more from us.” Delighted by this, she looks to the future with hope and aspiration, saying it is very important to them: “Only God knows the future and He will lead us on the path. to be continued.

However, as a business, we have plans and projections for the Nigerian travel market. We want to open up new destinations and experiences for Nigerians. We have done this successfully with Egypt, Jordan and recently with Bahrain. ”We want to increase our partnerships and penetrate destinations like Asia and Europe.

We built our profile to introduce fixed starts for Nigerians and the result was good. We also want to increase customer education and experience so that travel becomes a way of life. “We are looking at embracing the technology and integrating Travel Ajo, which is our program for travelers who want to pay in installments for their trips. We have a lot in store for the Nigerian travel market and we aim to continue to make affordable, accessible and fun travel. ”To increase visibility and get everyone traveling, we will be exhibiting at the Naija Brand Chick Trade Fair and offering great travel deals, discounts and more.”


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