Business News | Flamingo Travels Launches Diwali Tour Packages for 2022

New Delhi [India], September 14 (ANI/PNN): The year 2022 – has shown a ray of hope for travel enthusiasts. Especially, when all Covid restrictions are eased. Everyone, from young children to adults, is looking forward to this holiday season. The Flamingo team has recently launched international tour packages to make Diwali holidays memorable. If that sounds appealing, travelers should start planning their dream vacation this Diwali now. With Diwali International Tourism Packages, tourists can now choose a place from their to-do list and light up their travel dreams.

Middle East

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Dubai is a land straight out of the Arabian Nights. With its modern architecture and desert culture, Dubai never fails to amaze the world. This futuristic land that seems to have escaped from a magic lamp is often the first choice for international travel. From the beautiful Miracle Gardens to the Burj Khalifa, this nation is sure to surprise travelers with what it has to offer. Don’t pass up the opportunity to travel to this country full of fascinating wonders.

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South East Asia


Singapore, with its eye-catching architectural marvels under sunny skies, is one of the few places where lavish shopping malls meet a plethora of creative and eco-friendly spaces.

Visit Universal Studios for a picnic and have a good time riding the themed rides, or take a tour of the man-made paradise known as Gardens by the Bay. Go on an exciting journey through Night Safari, the world’s first nocturnal zoo. This Asian region known as the Little Red Dot has plenty to brighten up the Diwali holiday.


Malaysia being a jewel of Southeast Asia embodies the best of all Asian cultures. The country is known for its vibrant cities, inspiring sights, spectacular beaches and islands, thrilling adventures, friendly locals and so much more. Due to its unique culture, the nation is also known as a gastronomic paradise, which attracts tourists. Here, travelers will never be bored in this place with its beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate and wonderful beaches.

Vietnam and Cambodia

Welcome to the treasures of Asia! Discover the verdant rice terraces of Vietnam and the ancient temples of Cambodia. The two nations work together to create a tourist experience that delights the senses!

Vietnam and Cambodia have something for everyone. Explore the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, uncover the mysteries of the Cu Chi tunnels and dive into the crystal clear waters of Koh Rong with comprehensive Vietnam and Cambodia packages.



The Maldives being one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it never fails to attract tourists. This romantic getaway is renowned for its lavish hotels and resorts. Families looking for a beach vacation should consider going to the Maldives. Relaxing at an all-inclusive resort is a nice way to unwind.

This is the only place travelers can witness the beautiful fusion of brilliant blue skies, clear lakes, light gray sands and great inner tranquility. Enjoy a Diwali break in such a serene place with Maldives tour packages



Mauritius, a tropical paradise island, is one of the most renowned countries in Africa. Known for its beautiful beaches, tropical flora and fauna, and welcoming multi-ethnic and cultural people, it is surrounded by coral reefs and has calm, crystal-clear water.

But unlike many other islands, Mauritius offers more than just beautiful beaches. There is plenty to do here to experience a memorable Diwali this year. Enjoy a hike in one of the national parks, experience skydiving at 10,000 feet, take a speedboat ride to see dolphins, or explore the many volcanoes and ruins dotted around the island.

Eastern Europe


Turkey, a country located between East and West, is extremely diverse and exciting. Turkey represents a modern westernized culture that coexists with its more exotic and mystical side apart from the outside world. Discover both sides of this nation, its ancient sites, stunning natural landscapes, vast mountain ranges, charming villages and rocky coastline. Therefore, this nation offers tourists diverse experiences.

Last words

Diwali packages offered by Flamingo Travels celebrate the happy holidays in a whole new way. There are many places to visit during Diwali around the world. Expertly led and elegantly planned Diwali holiday packages are a must with Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd

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