Apprentice contestants leave punters grimacing as tour guide challenge takes disastrous turn

The apprentice contestants are about to have a rude awakening on tonight’s episode when their tour guide challenge in the Welsh countryside goes awry.

In a teaser for tonight’s episode, viewers watch prospect Nick Showering painfully attempt to make his team’s train tour more exciting than it is.


The Apprentice’s Nick Showering took on the role of tour guide for their latest challengeCredit: BBC
Punters looked unimpressed on the farm tour


Punters looked unimpressed on the farm tourCredit: BBC

The 31-year-old is joined by teammates Brittany Carter and Stephanie Affleck on board when the train pulls up for his ‘first vantage point’, which appears to be in the middle of nowhere.

Reflecting on his feet, the CFO, dressed in a green jumper and chinos, says they’ve stopped to take in the “beautiful” view when a tractor drives by and sheep are spotted in the distance.

The Apprentice star starts out strong, saying, “This is our first point of view that we’re going to stop at.

“What we were doing was taking in the beautiful farming views, I mean, they’re absolutely breathtaking.”

However, things quickly take a turn for the worse as Nick tries to uncover facts about Wales’ farming industry as Steff and Brittany watch.

“Farming is very, very important to the Welsh economy and it’s the main reason why Wales is muddled…” Nick stutters.

“…Uh, the sheep farming industry is so important and is such a big part of its economy.”

Nick’s ramblings didn’t seem to be welcomed by bettors as they didn’t seem impressed as they watched the fields.

The teaser comes a week after a huge spelling mistake nearly got her teammate Brittany fired following their video game challenge.

Part of the job was to create and direct a promotional video to help them sell their product.

One of the groups led by the director of Front of House and assisted by Francesca Kennedy Wallbank doing the marketing, decided to make a game around the concept of saving the environment.


The game’s concept saw a player called “Scientist Sam” head to the Arctic to try to prevent the ice caps from melting.

But the game was doomed from the start with Francesca leading the Akshay and Sophie in the promotional video.

The two women ended up arguing about what he should do on camera.

While Sophie wanted Akshay to reference a bunny that would be in the game, Francesca repeatedly cut her off and said it wasn’t necessary for the promo clip.

Described as an “arcade game” by Lord Alan Sugar, the game included cute penguins, but once they pitched their idea to investors, mistakes were quickly pointed out.

It all started with the daring title “Artic Savior” on a huge cinema screen where the team was presenting in the Samsung building at King’s Cross in London.

“How do you spell Arctic?” asked one of the investors, while another asked “how many penguins are there in the Arctic”.

The shocked candidates realize their very embarrassing gaffe and try to smooth things over with the investors.

But their excuses did not help them and they managed to attract zero investment.

Once in the conference room, Lord Sugar asked the team how they could be wrong and who was to blame.

He called Brittany, Francesca and Sophie back to the conference room, each wondering why they should face the chopping block.

Sophie was put in the firing line for not speaking up enough, as she blamed Francesca for the horrific misspelling of Arctic.

But in the end, Sophie was saved by Lord Sugar who fired Francesca when she was head of marketing and “responsible” for the blunder.

The Apprentice continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One. Watch live and on demand on BBC iPlayer.

At one point a tractor came through the window during the tour


At one point a tractor came through the window during the tourCredit: BBC

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