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MARBLE HEAD, MACE. (WHDH) – After fleeing Kiev, a Ukrainian tour guide attempts to travel to Massachusetts to help reunite a family.

When Barbara and James Schaye traveled to Ukraine three years ago to adopt their son Bohdon, they developed strong ties in the country. The Marblehead couple struck up a relationship with Bodon’s cousin, Liza Poplavska, and a tour guide, Olena Klimova.

Fast forward to the attack on Ukraine, Klimova had managed to leave Kyiv and enter the Czech Republic safely, but 21-year-old Poplavska was still stuck in Ukraine.

The Schayes knew they had to do something for their son’s cousin — they’re so close he calls her his “sister.” So they contacted Klimova on Facebook to see if she could help.

“She understood the threat, but she didn’t want to leave her hometown, her friends and her family. So inside she wasn’t ready for that,” Olena said.

Poplavska, left her village and went to the Polish border, where Klimova met her with a sign bearing her name. Now both women are in the Czech Republic working to get to Massachusetts.

“Of course she was very scared at the beginning and during the trip because the train was constantly changing, the route trying to escape the shooting, so the whole trip was very, very scary,” Klimova explained. “It will be a new chapter – and already here in the Czech Republic already a new chapter, not just in the United States. She now feels that the whole situation has changed for her.

Olena already has a visa to come to the United States, as she has also worked with families here to help orphans travel to the United States. Now the Schayes are working to get a visa for Poplavska.

They know it will be difficult, but they really hope they can bring her here in the next few months.

“[Liza] is just adorable, she’s so sweet and the fact that she connected with Olena is miraculous, I mean really amazing,” Barbara Schaye said.

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